Unsere Welt ist komplex und sie wird komplexer werden.
Our world is uncertain and will remain uncertain.
Our world is dynamic and will remain dynamic.
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Complexity, Uncertainty, Dynamic.

  • How can you remain profitable and competitive in this challenging environment?
  • How can you ensure that your employees come to their workplace every day, responsibly and motivated?
  • How can you find your way to act with these basic conditions?

Today, organisations are more than ever measured by how they contribute to a sustainable world through their innovations, products, value chains and ways of working.

Solution Approaches

Creativity! Innovation! Performance!

It is not easy to develop a suitable strategy for sustainability, creativity and innovation, or to implement an up-to-date leadership and exploit the potential of the employees.
I support you in finding suitable solutions for the burning issues within your company or within your area of responsibility!


I have two key questions for you

What's the situation in your organisation?

  • How will your organisation remain successful in the future?
  • How will you deal with complexity?
  • How do you deal with uncertainty from the outside, but also with yourself and your employees?
  • What changes will you have to make?
  • What do you want to preserve within your organization that has made you strong and successful?

Be it corporate or sectoral mergers, external influencing factors, corporate decisions - these changes need an appropriate approach. Doing so ensures that culture, people, processes and structures are considered together making it is possible to realign or integrate strategies. 

What about you?

  • Do you want to strategically position yourself as a leader, develop your own attitude and learn through leadership? 
  • How will you become successful as a leader in your professional context?
  • What does leadership mean for you?

Your curiosity about yourself and what is in you, your openness to work on yourself and to reflect, is a basic requirement for your personal development.

You should develop your attitude to yourself: self-assurance, self-awareness, goal-orientation, empathy, communication skills and the desire and ability to harness the potential of your employees.

Thought-provoking ideas from my consulting experience


I support you purposefully with the following topics

Organisational Consulting

As an Organisational Consultant, I analyse not only the functional structures of your organisation and their impact, but also all the communication patterns that characterize your organisation. Based on this, we will work together to develop the next steps that are right for you and your organisation.

I advise companies and divisions on change processes on all topics, including those showing resistance to change, as well as with the culture of leadership and decision-making.

For large projects, I engage a very experienced network of organizational consultants for contributions and advice.


My coaching offer creates a framework for you to work on your professional difficulties in a confidential environment. 

I support you, as a specialist or manager, in developing new options for action through changes of perspective and insights and to recognize, accept and use your influence and thus your power for your organisation.

Leadership Development

My focus in Leadership Development is on the analysis of leadership relationships, the impact and strengthening of influencing factors, dealing with conflicts, uncertainty and complexity, and team dynamics.

Coaching is used as one of the most effective methods for the individual development of executives.

About Me

Verena von Nottbeck: Evolving Organisations

About Me

After working with strategies such as permanent performance, extraordinary commitment and wide-ranging knowledge in my former professional frame of reference, I suddenly realised that I had reached it’s limits. I decided to go on a new, exciting but also unpredictable journey of discovery. 

The above strategies are still important to me as they have shaped me and made me successful. Today I can use them even more purposefully by performing as a Researcher and Visionary - to work with companies, business units and executives and to be effective with a neutral view from the outside. 

I stand for diversity and future.

About my experiences

I have a Business Degree with more than 25 years of leadership and management experience in the areas of Human Resources, Organisation and Shared Services.I have taken on both operational and strategic responsibility. As a senior HR Business Partner, I was responsible for large corporate divisions with international teams and was also active in international leadership development. As Chief Human Resources Officer and member of the executive board of a joint venture of two companies, I have come to know medium-sized structures as well. And Managing an international shared service completes my profile. 

One of my biggest challenges and most intensive learning experiences was the organizational support of the creation of one of the largest aerospace groups in Europe. 

I enjoy taking on new roles, because in the past there has always been something new and unexpected that has shaped me.

About my 7 strengths

  1. I have a keen eye on the informal side of organizations and their covert processes
  2. I know the limitations of those who have the responsibility within the organization to bring about change
  3. I have Operational Implementation Experience within both large and mid-level organizations
  4. I am characterized by High Practical Relevance which ensures the quality of my work
  5. I have experience with B2C as well as in B2B and B2G companies. I understand and can handle difficult organizations and organizational structures
  6. I combine my leadership experience, systemic education, transactional analysis, neurobiological and systems theory approaches into an integrated consulting approach
  7. I work in both the German and English languages



English (UK)
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